The Churchill Country Fair and Fallon Cantaloupe Festival have come together!

We have come together to celebrate the best of both groups which is a reflection of our amazing community!
We will still have family friendly entertainment, food and games. There are a variety of exhibits and displays showcasing our agricultural heritage as well as the wonders of the modern influences.  Come celebrate the talents of our local residents and 4~H Clubs. Don't forget to check out the Lion's Labor Day Rodeo--our local kids will give you great show!

We are excited to help celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the Cantaloupe Festival--Nevada's longest running agricultural celebration!
We know it's a busy weekend but we promise a trip to the Fallon Cantaloupe Festival--Our Country Fair-- is worth it!
We are getting back to our roots and celebrating our contribution to what makes Nevada and the Nation great.  

Journey back to the future...
photograph by Fenbee Photography

Join the Behimers for a ride on their mule drawn wagon
to the Civil War Reenactments!


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